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Targeted Alert Messaging Across the Global Population

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of the Earth lacks terrestrial mobile phone network coverage !

Out of Reach

In a world saturated with information, there’s a widespread misconception that the majority of the global population is connected by communication systems. However, approximately 15% of the world’s population still lacks access to basic mobile networks, and nearly 90% of the Earth’s surface lacks terrestrial mobile phone coverage. These “white zones” impact not only developing countries but all continents, highlighting the issue of inadequate coverage worldwide.


Developping Universal Access

Leoblue’s technological innovation leverages Bluetooth® technology to bypass ground-based communication networks by sending messages directly from satellites to smartphones in less than 30 minutes .

Messages can target specific geographic areas using unoccupied frequencies through completely secure communication technology.

photo d'une personne recevant un message d'alerte sur son smartphone

Universal Reach

Our Applications

With the Leoblue technological solution, message dissemination becomes universally accessible, opening up an infinite range of applications.


Life-saving efficiency in 30 minutes

Leoblue provides a reliable and effective alert solution for notifying populations about imminent events such as natural disasters, industrial incidents, health risks, etc…


Universal access to information

Access to essential information, such as public health, regulations, military issues, or national security, can be very challenging in countries with limited terrestrial network coverage.


Reaching audiences everywhere

Why restrict your audience to the technological constraints of terrestrial networks?

Leoblue offers an unlimited information dissemination solution, regardless of where your audience is located on Earth.


Expanding IoT frontiers

Connected devices typically rely on ground communication networks for information and management. 

Leoblue extends this capability to devices located in areas with limited network coverage, enabling information transmission even in white zones.


Secure Global Connectivity

Leoblue provides secure, fast, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly global connectivity directly to your smartphones. It operates without additional infrastructure, using a widely adopted standard.


We guarantee secure data transfers.


We operate on a global scale; our solution is available wherever you are.


We can deploy our solution very quickly.


Our investment and operational costs are kept to a minimum.


Our solution meets digital sobriety requirements. It does not require new ground stations, satellites, or terminals. Additionally, the energy spend for message transmission is very low.