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Applications of the Leoblue solution

Universal access to information

Leoblue prioritizes providing essential information to those who need it most, rather than overwhelming those already inundated with information.


Rising frequency of natural disasters

The UN estimates that by 2030, natural disasters will affect approximately 150 million victims annually. This represents a 50% increase from the situation in 2018, where close to 108 million people affected by storms, floods, droughts, or fires had to rely on international humanitarian aid. 

A simple message can save lives

To save lives, timely warnings are crucial so residents can seek shelter before an event occurs. 

Additionally, it has been shown that the financial impact of damage could be reduced by 30% if residents receive alerts 24 hours before a natural disaster, allowing them to take necessary precautions.

The Leoblue solution can inform an entire population in a high-risk area in less than 30 minutes, effectively contributing to saving lives.

A sovereign and secure system

In the event of a disaster, Leoblue enables countries to send confidential alerts directly, without routing through other countries, thanks to a source authentication system and information encryption.

Furthermore, countries can use antennas within their borders to safeguard sovereignty and enhance network coverage, thereby ensuring reliable and secure communication even in emergency situations.

A resilient system

In the event of a disaster, when existing networks are saturated or destroyed, Leoblue guarantees resilient and uninterrupted communication.


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Leoblue provides direct satellite alerts to smartphones, essential for warning residents in high-risk areas in case of flooding. This fast and reliable technology enhances emergency response and helps prepare for sudden floods.


Leoblue is particularly beneficial for storm-prone islands, offering direct satellite alerts to smartphones for early warnings. This capability allows residents and authorities to act quickly, minimizing the risks associated with sudden storms and improving emergency preparedness.


The Leoblue system is a major asset in the fight against wildfires. It enables quick and reliable communication to warn authorities and communities about fire outbreaks, allowing for rapid and effective intervention. Additionally, by providing updated data on weather conditions and terrain changes, Leoblue helps better anticipate and manage fire risks.

Agricultural Risks

Providing direct satellite alerts to smartphones, Leoblue helps farmers react quickly to threats such as droughts or pest invasions, thereby protecting crops and supporting the sustainable management of agricultural resources.

Maritime Security

The Leoblue system provides sailors with connectivity at sea to receive safety alerts and weather updates directly on smartphones through satellite information reception, enhancing navigation and safety at sea.

Volacanic Eruptions

Leoblue provides crucial real-time information to residents and authorities during volcanic eruptions by transmitting direct satellite alerts to smartphones. This enables rapid evacuation and better preparation for this type of natural disaster.

0 X

more deaths in countries with little or no coverage by terrestrial alert systems

+ 100 B$

fewer economic losses due to natural disasters per year

+ 60000

deaths each year due to natural disasters


Universal access to information

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly disrupted the world, prompting countries to find ways to communicate crucial information to its citizens. Broadcasting regulatory, security, and essential information on a wide scale has become imperative, and Leoblue addresses this challenge effectively.

Our solution informs populations wherever they are, even in areas without access to mobile networks, in a precise and targeted manner.

Guaranteed sovereignty and data security

Countries can opt to use ground antennas within their borders to communicate with their residents, ensuring that data remains within their territory and with assured confidentiality.


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40 %

Secure data transmission


Reaching audiences everywhere

Leoblue enables a broad spectrum of information dissemination applications, where any message can reach a global audience. From news updates, sports results, or promotional alerts to appointment reminders—any information can be delivered to individuals regardless of their location.

Enhanced with diagnostic capabilities powered by artificial intelligence embedded in satellites, the Leoblue solution is unique in its ability to deliver real-time messages directly to numerous users on the ground, using only smartphones.


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+ 40 %

of the global population owns a smartphone


Expanding IoT frontiers

Leoblue revolutionizes IoT communication with direct message transmission to connected devices via Bluetooth® from satellites in low Earth orbit. This approach provides unparalleled global coverage, ensuring IoT devices can be reached anywhere on the planet, even in the most remote areas. The use of Bluetooth® technology ensures low energy consumption, crucial for sensors and battery-operated devices.

By integrating this technology into a global ecosystem, Leoblue enables secure and reliable communication without the need for expensive new terrestrial infrastructures, while meeting digital sustainability requirements.

This ecosystem enhances the resilience of IoT networks, especially during disasters, and facilitates efficient and cost-effective management of connected devices on a large scale.



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+ 15 billion

connected objects worldwide by 2030